The Cloud.. The buzz word of the moment. Everyone wants it even tho some dont know what it is.

So what is the Cloud? The short version is since the invent of computers most of our data has been stored either on our local hard drives or perhaps on a server in our office so multiple computers could access the data. When using the Cloud your data is stored in a secure data centre at another location.

This information is then easily accessible from any device or from any location in the world. And you dont have to worry about backups!

Office 365 is an all in one cloud solution that delivers services that once cost big money spending money on in house servers

Say goodbye to IT headaches

The days of servers, maintenance, support costs and headaches are over.  Welcome to Office 365 – you can just get on with the stuff that you need to get done.

SimplerOne license per person gives you complete access to everything Office 365 has to offer. No hidden costs. No licensing headaches.

Access to what you need. Any time.

42Your data becomes more secure than ever. Forget the myths about “insecure cloud data”.

Do you really think your computer or server is more secure than multi-million dollar data centers? It isn’t. It never was.

82It is almost laughable now that for a long time there if we wanted to access our information we either needed to go to that particular computer or have some method of remote accessing it.

No longer. Access what you need. Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime.

242 years ago, you’d pay $6,000+ for a SharePoint setup.  Today, it’s just part of Office 365.

Manage, share, collaborate, track and secure all your documents, tasks, data and contacts easily. Securely.

For Free. From any device. Anywhere.

20There isn’t one.

A flat cost per user month and it’s all under control.  No juggling licenses, devices, emails or anything.

Your entire systems are online, in the cloud, backed up, secure and accessible.  It’s just smarter technology.

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"The cloud is already here and it is here to stay. We can help you make the transition with style."

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Show me why SharePoint is so amazing


Always have the latest version, for use on multiple devices and save money vs doing it the old way buying CD'd with installation keys.

Why is OneDrive so awesome?

Cloud Storage

Don't be stuck doing things the hard way and paying well for it. Move to the cloud.

Why Should I put my stuff in the cloud and is it safe?

Sales Advice

There are a wide variety of cloud products now on the market and knowing which product is the right one for the job can be tricky. Fortunately with our experience we can help you find the right product for your need. Then we will help you get it set up !

Migration Services

It is one thing to want to move the cloud but it is another thing entirely moving your existing systems over without breaking things or experiencing expensive downtime.

The Finlaysons IT are experts in making the transition to the cloud as painless as possible.

Design and Training

Being in the cloud is nice for backups and the likes but the reality is there is so much that the cloud can do for your business that you may have never thought of before. That is where we come in. We can asses where you are in your business and find a plan to have you getting the most out of the software at any pace you might like.

Extensive Support

Having our team there to help you resolve any issues you might experience will prove invaluable in your transition. It reality once you are running it stays that way. But it is nice to know we are there if you need it :)

Office 365 just does everything right

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