The Finlaysons IT has been supporting home customers on the Gold Coast for the past decade. Our team has delivered time after time getting our customers back up and running and putting a smile on their face.

We can help you with any setup or configuration you might need. Fix your broken computer, removal that virus or maybe just help you get all your photos backed up.

Finlaysons IT on the Gold Coast specialise in a total IT support services.  We do it all without the hassles, jargon or mucking around.

Real People, Real Solutions, Real Fast.

When you use the Finlaysons IT for your IT services you can be confident you will get a Tech that is a Real Person. By that we mean someone that actually cares about help you get the best possible result. Someone you can rely on to give you the best possible service and solutions as quickly as possible.

If this sounds good to you please have a look around the site to see the broadness of ourservices and expertise.

326You don’t wait for hours or days – our techs respond quickly. We understand that you need help now – that’s why you’re calling us.

So that’s how we handle it.

48We don’t just “work in IT” – every Finlaysons staff member is a tech hobbyist.

Software, hardware, upgrades, servers, networking, internet, cloud services – we do all of it.

And we do it better because we genuinely love this stuff.

314The Techs that you speak to are on the Gold Coast.  So is the Tech who comes out to help you.

All your money stays here in Australia – with people who care about you, who care about the quality of the work and who speak your language – without the jargon.

226We do everything IT.  New computers, upgrades, home networking, emails, home office – the lot.

You only need one IT provider to cover you for every situation.

That provider is the Finlaysons IT.  We pride ourselves on being the best.

236You may not even remember what service feels like. Most of our clients don’t.

We care. We call you back, just to check up on you.  You get “the extra bits and pieces” without the cost – because it helps.

And you’ll get the right advice – especially when we can save you dollars.

221Most times, what you think you want and the best solution for you are slightly different.

That’s why we’re big on advice – there’s always a better/faster/cheaper way to skin that cat!

We provide advice, expertise and solutions.

Contact the Finlaysons to experience amazing service and expertise!

No matter what you need today or tomorrow, we'll help you get it done.

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PCs laptop and Apple repairs plus performance PC's, upgrades and Media Centers. We have you covered!

Get the right advice and support with your computer hardware today

Modern technology is integrated into our homes and it is fantastic when it works! We here to make sure it does.

Click here to get the support you need when you need it.

Family Safety

Do you know how to keep your kids safe on the net? What about cyber bullying, viruses and parental controls on websites & games?

Get the help you need to stay safe online, without losing a bucket of cash.

Viruses & Nasties

The internet & your inbox are full of them -  viruses, malware, spyware and more.

We’re experts in removing it permanently – and help ensure they don’t come back.

Home Networks

A computer, a media center, laptop, iPad and a couple of phones – sound familiar?

A few hours of work will have everything talking and working together.

Data Backup

If your computer exploded – what would you lose?  Photos that can never be replaced? 100 email addresses?

Your entire email history?!