The Finlaysons IT are there on the front line for your business supporting a multitude of different programs for different industries.

Often business software can have complex set-ups that require an IT professional to be able to get the job done and ensure that everything is set-up correctly and securely with all updates installed. That is where we come in.
We successfully set-up and support hundreds of different programs for our customers each day taking the worry and the work away.

Bridging The Gap

Lets face it, contacting software provider support call centres or lodging support tickets when you are not sure what the problem is can be a real pain. We are here to bridge the gap to ensure speedy resolutions to problems and professional installations when required.

SimplerThe Finlaysons IT makes it easy to get help with problems you might be experiencing with your software.

Our techs are on hand to assist in quickly resolving any installs or troubleshooting that may be required. Always mindful keeping your costs down and your productivity up.

42There is basically no limit to the different types of software that we support for our customers however some we specialize in enabling us to give amazing results.

  • Office Software
  • Accounting Packages
  • Point of Sale systems
  • CRM

And everything in between :)

82These days it would be hard to find a business that doesn’t have some piece of Software running on its network that is the back end to its operations.

This software is often mission critical and if it goes down the business stops. Because of this having a team of experts behind you to quickly get you back onto your feet and profitable is paramount.

You need go no further than The Finlaysons IT for all your software support needs.

24Often industry specific software can have complex configurations that require IT professionals to install and support it correctly.

Read on to see some of the many industries we support.

20Whilst we derive pleasure from getting issues resolved as quickly as possible, what really floats our boat is seeing people and business get the most out of there software.

Often we see people invest heavily in software for their business however only know how to use a small portion of what it can do thus resulting in a loss of productivity and most certainly not getting value for money.

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"We believe if we know your industry and how it works, we can deliver a far superior service and help you grow"

Or read on to learn more about the industries we service

There is plenty of different software specific to certain industries. There is a good chance we have worked with them.

This empowers us to deliver a service to this industry that doesn't just ensure that the systems are working and secure but also help with making the business more productive.

What Industries have you work with?

Full business migrations: 3 days. Home user setup: 1 day.
Zero Downtime. Zero data loss.
Yep, it's that easy. Really.

Check out how easy Office 365 is to move to and set up

Accounting Packages

Installs and Upgrades

Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to manage.  You’ll won’t even need IT support once it’s up and running!

If technology is painful for you, you need Office 365.


One account per person/employee with zero licensing headaches.

For the first time in history, the latest software will save you money.


Access your emails, calendars, documents, tasks – everything – automatically from the cloud.

Anywhere, any time on any device.

Training and Development

3 people working on a document? No problem.  At the same time? Easy!  On their tablets and phones? Done deal.

While having a coffee at Gloria Jeans? Absolutely.

Office 365 just does everything right

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Software Support

Programs we support for customers

upgrading and migrating

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