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Service and Integrity,

“I have worked with many IT professionals over the years but none have stood even close to the standards that Finlaysons IT delivers consistently- day in and day out. They have a likeable, down to earth approach and speak in simple tongue, so even as a some what ‘oblivious to PC talk’ kind person that I am, I can fully understand their intent and ideas to improve my business and its running systems
They has never failed to be there for fabulous support. Their reliability is second to no one. I cant recommend Their services enough. In a day and age that every person with a computer and Google, think they know computers and can help, Rens’ extensive knowledge is a godsend to work with and the ONLY guy I trust to help. If only there were more service professionals with ethics and morales of his calibre”
R. Marshall, Ray White
“Ren is a rarity – an IT expert who looks beyond the boxes to understand how you’ll use the technology in your business.
He asks questions, listens to the answers and delivers solutions that do everything promised – and then some.
Whether it’s boosting a computer’s capacity and speed, streamlining connections or building a bespoke computer from the ground up, Ren and his team deliver.
I have learnt that we can trust his advice, understand his explanations and rely on his installations.

He also happens to be a really, really nice guy”

Greg Alder, Rocket Science
“After having issues with other I.T business’s in the past, not knowing which way to turn or what I.Y infrastructure need I contacted Telstra for help who highly recommend that I contact Finlaysons IT. When I called I knew straight away that they knew what they were doing. They asked me the right questions to determine what we need and put forward a plan that resulted in us running our business with ease. They are very reliable, efficient, professional and passionate about their processes for migrating us without disruption.

I have no hesitations in strongly recommending The Finlaysons IT. Their standard of work is beyond comprehension.”

Wayne Roberts, Designer Life
“Auspro Engineering first took on the team from Finlaysons in late 2009 and still today we use the same team. Anyone that is in business knows that you have to have a very good backup team for all your IT work. Finlaysons IT have sucessfully helped us to move our entire bussiness system from Perth Australia to the Gold Coast Queensland. With minimal down time, a fantasic job all round. The computer tech’s that work for the Finlayson’s IT are friendly and very helpful and quite quick at getting a result on any of the problems that arise.”
“Ren has a great knowledge of his field. He has introduced multiple innovative systems and controls that have saved our business both time and money, and given us a reliable set of hardware and software across the diverse needs of our multi-function business.
He also has a great team that supports him which is crucial to know that te bigger projects can be handled efficiently.
The team takes care of all of the details in the background, day and night, giving us comfort in the high level of reliability of our IT resources”
Paul Simpson, Etairos
“Ren is a hands-on expert in the IT world with years of experience in commercial systems, home networks and other high tech applications. What he doesn’t know is not worth worrying about. Importantly, you can rely on his knowledge of the market and the technology developments that do work and are appropriate to your application. Having confidence in your expert is a great way for you to do business. I recommend Ren for any systems application you have.”
Geoff Cook, Noble Investment
“Ren and the team at Finlaysons IT have been our IT Consultants at Wiltshire Family Law for several years now. Not only is Ren technically ahead of any other IT Consultant we have worked with, but he also possesses a high level of integrity and reliability. The solutions Ren has delivered over the years have always exceeded our expectations from a technical point of view and at a highly competitive price. This combination has allowed us lead the way from a IT point of view in our industry. I cannot recommend Ren and the team at Finlaysons IT highly enough.”
Andrew Wiltshire, Wiltshire Lawyers
“I have had the pleasure of dealing with The Finlaysons IT and its director, Ren, for just over 4 years now and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. In fact, I have already referred several clients to them who have successfully taken up their services. They have that rare ability of making the most complex issues seem simple and will often go well beyond what would expect. They have a laid-back relaxed persona which has the effect of putting everyone at ease whilst delivering the most competent, professional and practical IT service that I have ever experienced.”
Noel Duffy, Duffy Law
“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Michael has been, whenever we need anything done he is always so helpful and gets in gets it done so quickly, he has the best attitude and nothing is ever a problem we all think he is fantastic. He has gone above and beyond for us. We are so happy!.
I can’t thank him enough for all of his help.”
Sarsha Mohan, Spectrum Investments
“I engaged Ren over two years ago to help us improve our IT systems at multiple offices. He has worked tirelessly to give us the most up to date systems and has greatly improved our IT experience within our business. Compared to the other IT consultants that we had previously used, he is innovative, creative and great value for money. Best of all – he delivers on what he says he is going to do. I would highly recommend Ren and his fantastic team”
Tracy Simpson, KSM Group
“It seems the only time I talk to Ren is when I’m about to throw all my technology out the window. But a quick phone call or email and he sorts it all out. Ren makes it all seem so easy and takes the frustration out of my IT nightmare. He has been an invaluable support to my small business for many years now and I would not hesitate to commend his services.”
Bronwyn Day, Circle Direct
“As our business has grown and changed, Ren has kept our computer systems up to date and running well. Ren has always repaired any of our issues promptly with very little business downtime and is always looking to the future possibilities in computing and ways they can help our efficiency and profitability.”
Matthew Fischmann, Nerang Cabinets
“The Finlaysons IT has increased the productivity of my business with their ability to understand the idiosyncratic requirements that are mandatory for my business to operate, as well their excellent product knowledge and ability to transfer that knowledge in plain English. In other words if you don’t need hassles and you want the best equipment at a very reasonable cost just ring them!”
Sonya Black, Advance Family Law
“I have been using The Finlaysons IT as my preferred IT coompany for many years. Ren and his staff offer professional, expert advice and service at a reasonable cost. They are trustworthy, easily accessible and are happy to relate IT lingo into language I understand, which is a great attribute. I highly recommend Ren and The Finlaysons IT “
Flossy Porter, Porter Consulting
“In 2006 Ren and Julie were starting up their business while Tracy and I were starting Lee Lawyers. Our firm was one of The Finlaysons’ first commercial customers, perhaps the very first. Both businesses have grown since then, probably because we all have a passion for getting the fundamentals right. The Finlaysons provide quality hardware and software, with first rate service and support. When it comes to IT solutions for SME’s, I never miss an opportunity to refer customers to The Finlaysons”
Ross Lee, Lee Lawyers

Expertise and Reliability

“Ren and his team at the Finlaysons IT, provide my company a true full IT package and deliver it on time and budget. I have found Ren provides an honest appraisal in easy black and white language that is clear and straight to the point, which is perfect for me to follow. I would highly recommend FInlaysons IT to any one. great work. “
“As Director of a psychological practice I need to ensure that the clinic runs smoothly so clients achieve the desired outcome. Working with Finlaysons IT has meant that our clinic provides our clients with state of the art IT software and ongoing support for our staff. The setup of Office 365 has been amazing. I highly recommend Finlaysons IT as they take the stress out of IT systems.”
Dr Emily O'Leary, Anxiety House
“Ren is the IT Guru at my business Spectrum Financial and sets up/ manages all things IT. Between Ren and Michael the business is ran flawlessly, even had him delve into a couple of personal IT problems and they had resurrected the issue a lot faster than I had expected for a fair price also. I would highly recommend Ren for all things IT related. “
Trent Becirevic, Senior Financial Adviser

That’s how we do business.

The Finlaysons IT were able to answer my numerous questions regarding system and email integrations utilising Office 365 and how it could be implemented thorough out my businesses whilst improving staff efficiencies.
Finlaysons IT has gone about providing me every assistance in making the transition seamless, inconvenience free and proved to have been a very professional experience. Even better though is the almost instantaneous responses to queries making this company fantastic in follow up service and customer care.
I have no problems in recommending Finlaysons IT as a one stop IT Solutions company.
Jason Harrington, Coconut Essence
The team at Finlaysons IT are AMAZING! They’re honest, reliable and just lovely to deal with (plus they’re super clever when it comes to anything IT!). We wouldn’t use anyone else for our IT needs.
Renee Brimelow, Spectrum Financial
For the BEST in IT service and support, don’t look any further than The Finlaysons!  Their team have been an absolute dream; providing KSM Group excellent customer service in record time.  Special mention of Michael Gibby, always proactive and personable.
Sarah Mchugh, KSM Group
Ren has always given me expert IT advise and helped me with any IT network, hardware or software issue with professionalism and I recommend his services highly.
Nic Raath, Nic.co Design
Ren has consistently demonstrated a high calibre service and unique problem solver. Hes unlike the standardized IT GEEK in so many ways. A very funny guy as well. I highly recommend Ren!!
David Kelly, DTK
Just wanted to say what a fantastic job Jason has done here with all the recent upgrades
I am really, really happy with it all and the service given!
Nicky Bennett, Dentists on Bayview

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